The INCLUDED project promotes social inclusion and aims at improving the outreach to people with fewer opportunities, especially people with disabilities, in particular people with Autism spectrum disorder (ASD), through a proactive, open innovation approach for inclusive employment in the Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Museums (GLAM) sector.

INCLUDED brings together adult professionals in the GLAM sector, adults with ASD, advocacy support groups for human rights, and relevant stakeholders to achieve this goal!

Specific Objectives

  • Provision of more flexible and high-quality learning opportunities for adults with disabilities by adult education providers
  • Development of strategies and practical scenarios for training adults with disabilities for adult educators
  • Creation of a mindset of equal access and non-discrimination for inclusive employment in the GLAM sector for adults with disabilities
  • A more inclusive GLAM workforce through an open innovation paradigm

Project Results

  • Development of a framework for Inclusive Employment in the GLAM sector embedded in an open innovation ecosystem paradigm
  • Creation and implementation of digital resources for inclusive employment in the GLAM sector
  • Designing forward-looking centres to foster inclusive employment in GLAM institutions