WP3: Implementation of digital resurces

3.1 Toolkit with learning scenarios

The toolkit, is an online resource in PDF format, developed for adult educators to help them in facilitating work with adults with disabilities. The purpose is to develop more generic and more specific learning scenarios for online and face 2 face instruction, including the different sectors in GLAM.

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WP2: Framework for inclusive employment in the GLAM Sector

The intention in the INCLUDED project is to make an impact on the capacity of adult education providers for flexible and high quality learning opportunities for adults with disabilities. The reporting of this document, constitutes one of the main outputs of Work Package 2 (WP2) of project: a comprehensive report analysing the methodological framework and the findings of the research phase from the partner countries. The comprehensive/comparative report includes a summary of all data collected from the national reports and suggestions to move forward with the digital resources of WP3. The report concludes with a dedicated Guide for inclusive employment in the GLAM sector.

To follow the report and the summary in partners’ languages