Brainplus is a private company working in Austria, which is active in different fields towards learning and education. In this sense, brainplus is active in the fields of adult education, vocational training, innovation management and sustainability. Brainplus can be seen as a prototype centre for learning and teaching material. 

Brainplus works to address the needs of different specialized target groups where state-of-the-art trainings materials have limited success. Furthermore brainplus use methodologically innovative learning material, where the learner is put in the centre of the learning process and the individuality of the learner is respected.

Brainplus is a total private company in the region Upper Styria in Austria and employs at the moment 4 people. The staff has a deep know –how in EU-projects especially in different Erasmusplus-projects but also in several projects which were financed in different INTERREG-programmes.